Open Pluggable Specification
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Easy installation with OPS monitor.
Supports Full HD (1080p) video playback
Flash and WEB content available
Supports scheduled power on/off


Professional Digital Signage Software-iSignager included.

iSignager consists of 3 powerful software solutions for content creation, playback scheduling and remote management. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables anyone to create and manage programs in minutes.

Dual display output with multimedia content design

iS-1600 supports direct output to three screens. iSignager software supports a range of file formats including Flash10, HTML, RSS feeds, PowerPoint, and RTSP Video Streaming. The smart design widget with simple drag-&-drop allows anyone to design a multi-zone layout in seconds.

Direct 4 screens output and remote managing available

iS-2840 supports direct output to four screens with different configuration models available including 1x4, 4x1 and 2x2. Users can easily design and remotely manage their own video wall content by using iSignager software.

Bezel Compensation Support

iSignager supports “bezel compensation” to fix the layout of a video being displayed across numerous screens. It perfects content displaying in four screens at full mode.

Calendar –view provides an easy scheduling table for everyday, weekly and monthly.

The intuitive drag and drop user interface helps users easily define file playback sequences, timing control and matrix playback management.

Remote management & troubleshooting available

iCommander /iSignager processes strong command task management functions which allows users to easily manage multiple remote players in minutes. Including Player log, Screen On/Off, Schedule On/Off and other required information for troubleshooting, this saves users’ time and money on on-site management.

Remotely manage up to 100 players and free license extension

iSignager supports multiple player management without extra license costs or subscription fees.

Instant and Emergency Message Publishing

Instant message publishing is available for user’s convenience in time in need. Emergency message publishing can be particularly useful in public venues to make individuals aware of urgent situations such as national emergencies, intruders, fires, and hurricanes and give important evacuation instructions.

No firewall/router configuration required

iSignager provides easy settings for users to synchronize remote players with the appointed central server. No firewall/router configuration is required.