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A powerful and subscription-free digital signage application, iSignager contains three software solutions: iArtist (for content creation), iScheduler (for schedule programming) and iCommander (for remote management). iSignager is free and built-in to every INDS media player without license extension.


iArtist is a powerful content design tool. It enables users to design multimedia content in multi-zone settings simply by using handy design widgets. Its intuitive drag-and-drop user interface in content editing and play length arrangement provide a shortcut for anyone to create professional-looking advertising content.

Drag and drop the design widgets, media, video, pictures and HTML onto a desired area and they will automatically snap into place forming finely-tuned advertisement content.


iScheduler is a full-scale scheduling tool for programming layout playback. It supports hourly, daily, weekly and monthly-based schedule programming along with several pre-set scheduling kits to allow users to make quick choices to meet their requirements. The user platform is designed like a calendar, and users can simply drag and drop their target layouts into targeted time slots.

The playback length of each layout can also be allocated freely by dragging and dropping the layout object itself. Furthermore, the precise criteria of each playback timing settings can be programmed in Property Settings.



iCommander provides users with a clear status dashboard which displays all the on-going status of every remote player. Users can carry out in-depth administration tasks through iCommander including remote troubleshooting.

iCommander can remotely manage up to 100 players simultaneously and comes with no additional license extension charge.

iSignager supports multi-screen solutions upon INDS player choice.

iSignager enable users to import various type of media objects across two, three or four screens and edit them for perfect coherency.

INDS provides you one store for all solutions.

iNDS’ subscription-free software provides an end-to-end solution for content layout/placement, playlist scheduling and player management with content distribution. The intuitive drag-and-drop-based interface allows non-technical users to create and manage programs in seconds.
This multitenant interface enables users to see at a glance what is happening on their network of players.
Player inventory among groups and subgroups, content library, playlist, scheduling, monitoring window and actual playback reporting.