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iNDS debuts AIM Digital Signage System at ISE 2014
Taipei, Taiwan, Jan.13, 2014 –  iNDS Technology is contuniously developing digital signage system as its non-stop mission. In a way to engage audience in an visual interactive way. iNDS will be demonstrating AIM Digital Signage at ISE 2014  To make digital signage enable advertisers to show content that is more engaging and dynamic,and to easily change content in real time.How about adapt add content to the specific demographics of the people viewing at ?
iNDS equips digital signage with the AIM software and powerful Intel Core processors Digital signage will have the intelligence to anonymously detect the number of viewers their gender their age bracket even their distance from the screen and then adapt add content based on that information.  
Adds can now be more targeted more relevant and ultimately more effective. All this possible by analyzing millions of pixels per second to determine if people are viewing the digital sign and if they are their demographic characteristics performing these computations in real time.These capabilities enable advertisers to measure and effectiveness with greater precision by correlating sales data with the ad shown and the audiences demographics advertisers can target as directly to their audience, and measure their effectiveness.
Discover more about how AIM can help you increase the effectiveness of your Digital Signs. Come visit at 8- iNDS at booth: RS232, ISE 2014.
About iNDS Technology
iNDS Technology, headquartered in Taiwan, is the world's first Linux-embedded digital signage turnkey solution developer that has leveraged its rich experience in hardware design and in-house software team to offer the best integrated reliable and handy digital signage systems
iNDS’s core competence lies in its in-house professional team for both hardware and software with proven hands-on experience in design, engineering and manufacturing. The compact and complex iNDS Digital Signage Solution is revolutionary in bringing Digital Signage plug-and-play in minutes.
iNDS develops a full range of media player to meet the needs of users for different applications. With the advantage of embedded system technology, iNDS provides industrial-grade quality digital signage players with playback capabilities from single Full HD video to 4K2K Ultra HD video, RTSP, HTML, RSS, running banner and more.
Meanwhile, iNDS  has a video wall solution that delivers ultra-high visual performance provides industry-leading services and value-added programs that help increase productivity.
In 2013,  iNDS made another leap and redeveloped its iSignager software from the ground-up and released Signage Station QPKG exclusively for QNAP Turbo NAS. Its content management interface on a NAS (private-cloud) with HTML playback will lead Digital Signage into a new era.
iNDS lives to push the boundaries of what Digital Signage can accomplish and always strives to deliver the best to customers. Our continuously dependable technical support gives the best assurance of being customer’s most reliable partner and the best choice for your choice of Digital Signage. We keep moving ahead with a constantly innovative spirit and look forward to working with you soon

iNDS solutions are widely applied in various industries such as retail, home offices, banking, hotels, industrial, government and educational institutions.

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