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iNDS releases iSignager software v1.4 improving bezel compensation, management efficiency and more.
Taipei, Taiwan, March 30 2014 – iNDS® Technology, Inc. have updated the iSignager software to v1.4 for its Digital Signage Player, supporting bezel compensation, monitor scheduled on/off, grouped player management & scheduled publishing, PowerPoint content conversion, menu board system, and more. Users can enjoy a better user experience and greater management efficiency with the updated iSignager software.
The new technique for bezel compensation is supported to maintain the video displayed in proportion between multiple screens, iSignager software v1.4 allows users to flexibly define the bezel width and height to present customers with an appropriate visual display across multiple screens.
iNDS’s Digital Signage Player is compatible with the RS-232 standard. With iSignager software v1.4, users can control the screens linked to Digital Signage Player via RS-232 to remotely set up the monitor scheduled on/off. Users can also use the flexible schedule settings to efficiently manage daily & weekly content updates, and manage grouped Digital Signage Players (in different locations with different contents) with minimal effort.
“We aim to simplify the management of Digital Signage Players to make users’ work more efficient,” said Alan Lin, product manager of iNDS. “Meanwhile, Internet bandwidth utilization can be optimized as users can schedule the content uploading & downloading to off-peak hours and avoid negatively influencing system performance during working hours.”
iSignager software v1.4 improves the management of menu board systems, and offers various combinations of menu boards, including 2x1, 2x2, 2x3 and 4x2, for users’ quick adoption. “Users in industries such as catering or restaurants can refresh the pictures faster just by double clicking to provide customers more up-to-date information & services,” added Lin.
iSignager software v1.4 supports PowerPoint file conversion, providing additional options for content creation. Users can just upload the PowerPoint file, and the PowerPoint widget will convert the PowerPoint file into a video format with audio and animation effects.
About iNDS Technology
iNDS Technology, headquartered in Taiwan, is the world's first Linux-embedded digital signage turnkey solution developer that has leveraged its rich experience in hardware design and in-house software team to offer the best integrated reliable and handy digital signage systems
iNDS’s core competence lies in its in-house professional team for both hardware and software with proven hands-on experience in design, engineering and manufacturing. The compact and complex iNDS Digital Signage Solution is revolutionary in bringing Digital Signage plug-and-play in minutes.
iNDS develops a full range of media player to meet the needs of users for different applications. With the advantage of embedded system technology, iNDS provides industrial-grade quality digital signage players with playback capabilities from single Full HD video to 4K2K Ultra HD video, RTSP, HTML, RSS, running banner and more.
Meanwhile, iNDS  has a video wall solution that delivers ultra-high visual performance provides industry-leading services and value-added programs that help increase productivity.
In 2013,  iNDS made another leap and redeveloped its iSignager software from the ground-up and released Signage Station QPKG exclusively for QNAP Turbo NAS. Its content management interface on a NAS (private-cloud) with HTML playback will lead Digital Signage into a new era.
iNDS lives to push the boundaries of what Digital Signage can accomplish and always strives to deliver the best to customers. Our continuously dependable technical support gives the best assurance of being customer’s most reliable partner and the best choice for your choice of Digital Signage. We keep moving ahead with a constantly innovative spirit and look forward to working with you soon

iNDS solutions are widely applied in various industries such as retail, home offices, banking, hotels, industrial, government and educational institutions.

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